How to Choose the Right Shade Sails

Shade Sails over a Playground

There are several reasons to seek out quality shade sails in Australia. Whether you’re trying to cover an outdoor patio area, your driveway, or another outdoor area, shade sails make a great addition to any property.

If you’ve never bought shade sails before, you might be wondering how you can choose the right shade sails for your needs. It’s important to choose the best shade sails for your specific needs, and there are plenty to choose from.

Whether you’re simply seeking protection from the sun or you want waterproof shade sails for added protection, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. With several suppliers, styles, and colors, it’s not always easy to make the right choice.

When you’re seeking quality shade sails designed with durability, at an affordable price, you need to consider a few specific factors. Let’s look at some of the most important things to consider when choosing the right shade sails for your property.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Shade Sails

1. Type of Shade Sails

The first decision to make is the type of shade sails you want. You will have several choices from a standard shade sail to a heavy-duty option to waterproof choices. The type of shade sail will likely be determined by the use and the weather conditions in your area.

If you plan to use shade sails to protect a vehicle from the elements, you might want to consider a waterproof option. However, if the only protection you really desire is protection from the sun, a standard shade sail will likely do the trick.

2. Budget

Of course, you want to consider your budget before buying shade sails in Australia. Looking at your budget will help to determine how many shade sails you can afford and which type fits into your budget.

Heavy duty and waterproof shade sails will cost a bit more, but they also offer more benefits. Choosing the right shade sails to fit your budget might be a balancing act between what you need and what you can afford.

3. Use

You will also need to consider what you will be using the shade sails for. If you plan to cover your driveway, you might need a different type of shade sail compared to covering a patio at a restaurant. Consider the use for your shade sails before choosing the right shade sails for your specific needs.

4. Material

The most common type of shade cloth fabric is known as high density polyethylene or HDPE. This type of fabric is used to make quality shade sails and offers a heavy-duty option and comes in waterproof options, as well.

Make sure you consider the type of material used to make the shade sails you buy. Some inferior materials might make for a cheaper shade sail, but it may not perform the way you hope.

5. Design/Style

There are several different designs and styles when it comes to shade sails. You can buy them in several shapes including triangle, square, or rectangle. Shade sails also come in many different sizes to match your specific needs.

When considering the design and the style, it’s also important to consider how they will look on your property. Buying one triangle shade sail doesn’t give you much for design options, but buying multiple will allow you to arrange them in a specific pattern you like.

The shape you choose will also determine the amount of protection you gain from the elements. If you choose a triangular shade sail, you may need to layer multiple to get the look and the protection you desire.

Shade Sails over a Playground

6. Shade Sail Fittings

While the quality of the fabric used to make your shade sails matters, so does the quality of your chosen fittings. You want to make sure the entire system is made of high-quality materials and will last for several years. Make sure you buy only quality hardware to go with your shade sails.

Once you know where you will be attaching your shade sails, whether to a facade, wall, tree, or mast, you will want to assess the hardware used. Eyelets or rings should be high quality or they could rip the fabric making it hard to use the shade sails. Work with a professional shade sail supplier to ensure you get the best hardware for your new shade sails.

7. Color

While color is often considered an aesthetic, it also makes a difference in attracting heat. Of course, choosing colors to match your home and compliment the design is important. however, you also want to consider how darker colors might attract more heat than lighter colors.

You can also match your shade sails to the cushions on your patio furniture, your tablecloth, or even the paving or color of the deck. Depending on how you plan to use your shade sails, the colors you choose could make a huge difference for comfort and appeal.

8. Shape/Size

Another factor to consider when choosing the right shade sails is the shape and the size of the shade sails. There are several options and combinations you can make to design the space the way you prefer.

If you’re choosing shade sails for a business or an area serving guests, maximum coverage makes the most sense. You don’t want the guest experience to be ruined due to sun or rain. Make sure you match shapes and sizes to cover the entire area.

When choosing shade sails for your home, it might not be as necessary to cover the entire area. You might only want to block out the sun when it’s the hottest part of the day. A well-place triangle shade sail might be all you need to provide the protection you desire.

9. Angle of Installation

It’s also important to consider how the shade sails will be installed. An angle is necessary to help the water run off when it rains. If you install the shade sails with a poor angle, you might end up with the run-off water in a place you don’t want.

You want to consider how angled you want your shade sails in the overall design. Maybe you only want to create a little bit of shade, so a steeper angle is used. However, if you want maximum shade, you will want only a small angle when installing your shade sails.

You can even use an angle that points towards a garden or an area of your property you want to water. With the right angle, you can let rainwater run off where you prefer it to go instead of collecting in the middle of the shade sail. This is especially important with all-weather or waterproof shade sails.

Along with these factors, you will likely want to consider the weather conditions in your area. Make sure to take into account all of the following before buying shade sails:

  • Temperature – If you live in an area with very hot temperatures during the year, you might want to consider darker tones for better sun protection. However, if you prefer more luminosity, lighter colored shade sails offer a good option.
  • Wind – Some areas of Australia are prone to high winds. If you live in one of these areas, you want to consider this important factor before installing shade sails. The hardware and the type of shade sail you choose will make a difference in higher winds. Some come with a higher wind resistance than others.
  • Potential Storms – Maybe your area is prone to heavy storms. If this is the case and you know you will need to be able to remove your shade sails quickly, make sure you factor this into your final decision.

Pre-Made or Custom Design Shade Sails

You will also need to choose between pre-made and custom shade sails. Pre-made options offer a less expensive option, but they may not be made to fit your specifications just right.

When you choose custom-made shade sails, you get the right option for your specific needs. You’ll get to choose the size, shape, material, and style of the shade sail to fit your needs just right. Maybe you want a custom shape to fit your design needs or space just right. With custom-made shade sails, you can choose any shape you want including three-sided, four-sided, five-sided, six-sided, or any other shape you prefer.

Pre-made shade sails work great for those on a tighter budget and just looking for sun protection at home. However, if you run a business and you want the perfect shade sails to fit with the design of your space, custom-made shade sails offer a great choice.

When you’re ready to create shade, protect your property, or protect an outdoor space at your business, it’s time to choose the right shade sails. Working with a top provider of shade sails in Australia will help you get the best option for your specific needs. Make sure to consider all of the factors so you get the desired results when you choose the right shade sails for your space.