Where Can You Use Shade Sails?

Shade Sail over a pool

There are several ways you can use shade sails at home and at your business. Plenty of different shade sail applications are available, along with several different designs.

Let’s look at some of the most popular shade applications for outdoor shade sails.

Top 15 Places to Use Shade Sails

1. Daycares

A daycare center needs to protect the children in their care. Play areas should provide enough shade to allow children to play safely without worrying about sunburns or other sun-related issues.

By using the best shade structure created with outdoor shade sails, it’s possible to protect the children in your care better. Even a small play area can become a comfortable and shady area for kids to play with the right shade sails.

2. Churches

Many churches offer daycare facilities, but they also offer parking areas and other gathering areas. The right shade structure can make it more comfortable to enjoy outdoor events, playing outside, or even just parking without worrying about your car getting too hot.

There are several shade structures churches can use to protect those attending and working at the church. Whether it’s a structure used in part of the parking lot for those working at the church or a shade structure for an outdoor event space, churches, and certainly use shade sails for their outdoor spaces.

3. Home

Of course, your backyard and front yard can gain shade from shade sails. The right shade structure can enhance your property, whether you use it for a swing set, swimming pool, patio, or porch area.

A shady area outside makes for a better place to entertain guests and for your children to play. You can use your outdoor areas more often during the hottest times of day if you create the right shade structure with high-quality outdoor shade sails.

4. Parks

Parks need to offer shady areas for people to rest after playing, hiking, or just spending time in the sun. Most parks offer picnic areas and play areas for children. With the right shade sail structure, it’s possible to make the park more comfortable for those choosing to enjoy it.

5. Sports Complexes

There are several shade applications for sports complexes. From dugouts for baseball and softball diamonds to shade structures for the bleachers, sports complexes can use outdoor shade sails in many different ways.

Whether your complex caters to soccer, baseball, softball, outdoor basketball, rugby, or any other sport, creating shady areas for players and fans is necessary. Sometimes, the sun is just too hot and makes the event unbearable for those involved.

Using shade sails to create the right shade structure makes participating or watching sporting events more bearable.

When a sports complex uses shade sails correctly, they might see an increase in attendance due to the sun protection.

6. Playgrounds

Whether it’s a playground at a park, school, or neighborhood, the right outdoor shade sails can help provide UV ray protection. You can create a unique structure to allow some sun in and provide shade in other areas.

Shade sails can be used to help protect the seating areas for adults and the play areas for children. No matter the size of the playgrounds, the right shade sail design will provide excellent protection for everybody involved.

Shade Sail over a pool

7. Schools

Schools can help to protect their students by using outdoor shade sails in recess areas. They can also be used to create outdoor dining and seating areas for students and teachers.

Since many schools offer play areas for children, adding shade is necessary. Kids don’t always notice they are getting hot until it’s too late. By providing shaded areas, students are more likely to gain UV ray protection while out playing.

Whether it’s a smaller shade sail structure for a picnic table or a larger structure for a playground, shade sails can be used in many ways at schools.

8. Amusement Parks

Outdoor shade sails work great for amusement parks in many different ways. From permanent amusement parks to traveling carnivals, creating the right shade structure can help guests remain energized and spend more time at your park.

You can use shade sails for the places where guests will wait in line, for any splash pads or water areas, and for other areas throughout your amusement park. With the right shade structures, guests might stay longer and spend more money within your amusement park.

9. Resorts

Staying at a resort is supposed to be about relaxation and luxury. Resorts often provide swimming pools, sports courts, and other outdoor areas for guests to enjoy during their stay. Some of these areas should offer shade so guests can escape the sun when they desire.

Resorts also provide outdoor areas for dining and drinking. Whether it’s a patio for the bar or an outdoor picnic area, providing shade is important. There are plenty of ways shade sails can be used throughout a resort property to provide a better experience for guests.

Of course, shade sails can also be used to create covered parking for guests. Since guests already expect a luxury experience at your resort, this can be a nice touch and even be used for those guests choosing the more exclusive resort packages.

10. Restaurants & Cafes

One of the top businesses for shade applications is restaurants and cafes. If you have a patio or an outdoor seating area, shade sails can be used to provide sun protection for guests.

Even if you don’t have an outdoor seating area, shade sails can be used for valet parking areas. You can provide a better experience for those coming into your restaurant or cafe by giving them a covered place to park. Whether you offer valet service or its self-parking, covered parking spots can help draw in more guests.

Of course, covering the outdoor seating area for a restaurant or cafe provides plenty of benefits. Guests might choose your restaurant over another because they want to eat outside, but also want to be protected from the hot sun.

11. Car Washes

After someone has gone through the car wash, they might want to vacuum the inside of their car. This can be quite the task in the hot sun. However, with shade sails, you can provide plenty of shade during this process for your customers.

Shade sails can also be used to provide shade in areas where customers might wait in their car or park. They can even be used to draw attention to your car wash by using the right design and bright colors matching the rest of the property.

12. Swimming Pools & Water Parks

Going to the swimming pool or heading out to the water park promises plenty of fun for families. However, if it’s too hot, it might be hard to stay long. With the right shade sails, you can make any swimming pool or water park more bearable during the hottest times of the day.

While it’s not necessary to shade the entire pool or every area of a water park, guests should have places to go to escape the hot sun. Shaded seating areas, places to eat, and other areas at water parks can help guests escape when they get too hot.

Swimming pools and water parks can also use shade sails to provide shade for concession stands and other areas guests might wait in a line. By providing shade for guests, they are more likely to enjoy the day and come back again.

13. Residential Buildings

Apartment complexes, condo buildings, and other residential buildings can use shade sails to provide covered parking, shaded play areas, picnic areas, and other shaded areas.

It’s common for residential buildings to use shade structures to increase the curb appeal of the property, as well. With the ability to provide many outdoor amenities, these buildings can offer plenty of shaded areas throughout.

14. Parking Lots

If you run a parking lot and you charge for parking shade sails give you a way to charge a premium for covered parking. Of course, any type of business with a parking lot can use shade sails to provide covered parking for customers, as well.

Any type of parking lot gaining direct sunlight can be a good spot for shade sails. Whether it’s a design to shade a few spots for customers or a shade structure used to provide a space for displaying products outdoors, shade sails offer a unique solution for your parking lot.

15. Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods are commonly built today with amenities, such as community swimming pools, sports courts, playgrounds, and picnic areas. All of these areas can be shaded with the right outdoor shade sails.

Providing shade throughout a neighborhood with shade sails offers a unique benefit for those looking to buy a home in the neighborhood. Shade sails can also add extra appeal throughout the neighborhood by providing a unique design element all residents can enjoy.

There are several types of businesses and facilities perfect for shade sails. They can be used just about anywhere you’d like to create a shaded area. Whether it’s a dining area or a play area, the right outdoor shade sails will provide sun protection for an even better outdoor space.